AI Powered Assistant and Chatbot

THOR is highly scalable, extensible and allows deep integration to any
domain. Multi channel capabilities of THOR enables businesses to engage
their users over a wide range of channels


Two Avatars

THOR has two avatars - As an AI Assistant for business domain and
as multi-channel chatbot.

Thor feature AI Assistant

THOR AI Assistant is highly personalized and deeply integrated to the business
domain & IT systems. Core capabilities of the Assistant falls in 3 main categories:
Answers, Alerts and Automation.

Thor chatbot Chatbot

THOR bot is an AI powered chatbot that is very easy to integrate and simple to
manage. Thor bot has multi channel integration capabilities and is available on
wide variety of channels including web, mobile web, native mobile apps like
Telegram & Whatsapp.

Thor capabilties
Thor multichannel feature

Multi channel engagement

Engage your users across the spectrum.

Chat widget for Web and Mobile

Chat widget that can be embedded in web and mobile web

Mobile Application

Simple integration with native mobile apps

Messaging applications

Use Telegram and WhatsApp messengers to expand your reach

Case Studies

Sophisticated ID program

Worlds most sophisticated ID program

Objective of this program was to reduce the unstructured support requests and feedback (such as over calls and emails) which are hard to track and ensure the quality of the responses. In this context it was decided to build an AI powered bot platform that will provide a quicker turnaround to customer grievances and significantly enhanced customer experience. Data security was of paramount importance to such a program and hence it was decided to build the entire platform in-house and ensure that no data leaving the premises ever. Tarento built the entire AI bot platform and deployed the same ahead of schedule. Several innovations including methods and tools to train the bot and measure the effectiveness and reduce the time to launch. System uses live cases to constantly train and improve the responses.

Digital learning platform

Digital learning platform with a few million active users across 28 Indian states

DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing is an initiative from Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. The platform provides augmented learning contents and tools to enhance learning opportunity for students and teachers. “Diksha Vani” is an initiative from MHRD to enable a channel for users to interact with platform and get answers. Platform also provides content search and learning recommendations.

Use cases

Frequently asking questions


Customer support

Customer Support

AI Recommendations







Help desk

Guided Selling

Guided Selling

HR Support

HR Support

Event Booking

Event Booking

And many more..