Customer Experience Pack

Empowering customer experience with data & Insights

Aurora customer experience platform brings in the best of data engineering, analytics and user experience design to enable a superior customer support experience.

Customer Experience Pack

Good customer experience requires more
than just a good product

customer experience

Intuitive Experience

Make the experience as intuitive as possible. Avoid chances for errors, confusion. Ensure that your users have sufficient self help materials when they want to know more. Capture telemetry to understand user behaviour anonymously.

Time customer experience

24x7 First line

When users have questions, they will expect a channel to ask those question. Make it interactive, Make it available all the time. Bots are good fit here, available all the time and handle most scenarios.

Support customer experience

Call, Emails and Chat

In some cases an automated response or even an intelligent bot may not be able to handle the case to the full satisfaction of the user. A human has to step in and answer and arrive at a resolution with minimal interaction.

Analytics customer experience

Get smarter

Make the system resilient, get smarter over time. Leverage data to your advantage. Data can predict before things go bad. With good data AI can be trained and made smarter every day, cover more scenarios, help humans be more productive.

Artificial Intelligence for the next generation
customer experience

Artificial Intelligence for the next generation
                                customer experience
Aurora - One Desk for all customer needs

Aurora - One Desk for all customer needs

  • Intuitive interface for efficient interactions.
  • Empower support personnel to make descisions and arrive at resolution with contextual data.
  • Meta data from the source system along with customer information.
  • Analytics around the task and customer for setting the relevance and priority.
  • Auto response - AI powered response recommendations.
  • Potential solutions - Solution reference from the past resolution for similar issues.
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Thor - AI Bot for user engagement

Thor - AI Bot for user engagement

  • Engage your customer 24x7 with AI powered chat bots that are specially trained over the domain.
  • Reduce load on the customer support team, so that they can focus on complex problems, where a personal intervention is needed.
  • Help your customers get the answers to the common queries directly. Reduce unnecessary requests.
  • Move from unstructured channels to structured channels so that the performance can be measured and improved.
  • Self learning. AI Bots can learn from the customer interaction and improve over time and create a very good cutomer experience.
  • Personalised alternative to the FAQ.
  • Human in the Loop - Seamlessly hand over to human operator when necessary or demanded by the user.
  • Multi lingual - Bot can understand and respond in multiple languages.
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Other Platforms and Solutions

Proven platforms that can go country scale. Can be deployed in
short notice and customised to fit needs of government agencies.
Will fully in-house hosting, you have the total control of the data.

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